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You fancy this guy and he has everything you are looking for in a man. While you may think of dating him, you have to keep in mind that kids are involved and that there are things that have to be considered.

Well, it is best that you first understand what you are up for and up against.

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As an individual, he needs to pursue his own interests or spend time with his buddies – doing whatever it helps him to unwind and refresh for another long round of multi-tasking at work and home.Make sure you don’t swear in front of the kids and dress appropriately.When you take on a mentor role, the kids will look up to you and start behaving like you.Well it may happen, but it’s definitely worth the the effort if he has everything that you’ve ever wanted one man to have!While some of the women will stay away from a cute guy who has children, the other who are braver will do their best to handle a relationship like this! Yes it’s a little bit challenging and scary, but it’s not impossible!

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